Canxiums’s offline mining enables miners to mine CAU without needing a continuous internet connection.

Work Process

Decentralized Supply Control Mechanism.

Canxium native coin have no total supply, the supply is controlled and driven by the market, by the demand.

  • When the demand for Canxium rises, the price of Canxium experiences an upward trend.

  • This surge in price motivates miners to participate in the network leads to an increase in the network’s mining difficulty.

  • The increase in mining difficulty, results in the creation of more Canxium coins.

  • Conversely, when the demand for Canxium experiences a downtrend, the price of Canxium decreases.

  • This price reduces leading to some miners exiting the network. The network’s difficulty decrease, causing a corresponding adjustment in the coin supply.

  • This mechanism prevents oversupply and helps maintain the stability of Canxium’s ecosystem.

Best Features

Safe & Secure
Demand-Driven Supply BlockChain

Canxium is the next generation of PoW that ensures stability in market price through its demand-driven supply mechanism.

High Stability

Canxium is a unique blockchain that works on a demand-driven supply mechanism which ensures its extraordinary stability.

Low Cost
Stable Mining Cost

Canxium mining reward are depend on the network difficulty, therefore creating stability in mining costs.

Offline Mining
Offline Mining

Mine anytime, anywhere. Without the constant internet connection.

Safe & Secure
Decentralized Reliable Coin

Canxium has a unique reward mechanism system after Hydro fork to ensures its reliability.

Less Spam
High Quality Contracts

Contract creator have to paid at least 100 CAU per contract creation.

The Timeline

Timeline is subject to change.

Our Team

team member
Canximan - Founder

From Viet Nam. He wish to contribute to Canxium while remaining anonymous.

team member
Talha Tariq - Content Lead

From Pakistan. Our excellence content writer and marketing specialist, He wrote all the articles on Medium.

team member
WlinkNet - Marketing & Project Awareness

From Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is armed with a unique blend of strategic insight and creative flair.

team member
Young - Marketing & Project Awareness

From Albania. A very active and sharp young man. He connected Canxium with various mining pool and kols.

team member
John Kerry - Social Manager

A crypto enthusiast, Community/Social Manager and Project Advisor. Orchestrate related social networks for Canxium.


- Canxium Coin has no maximum supply, It adopts a demand-driven approach, where the coin supply is determined by market demand.

- To encourage miners to participate Canxium, before block 4,204,800, mining reward is fixed 0.25 CAU per block.

- After block 4,204,800, mining rewards will vary based on mining difficulty. More Info

- First year reward distribution:

  • 75% of 1,051,200 CAU: Miner Reward
  • 25% of 1,051,200 CAU: Foundation Fund

Our Blog

Frequently asked questions

What is Canxium?

Canxium is a Pow blockchain - a completely decentralized supply control mechanism and support offline mining.

Which wallet?

MetaMask is the leading self-custodial wallet and compatible with Canxium. Public Rpc:, chain ID: 3003.

How can I mine CAU?

Join our discord, several community mining pools you can join.

Where can I buy or sell CAU?

CAU is listed Safe.Trade and Xeggex, more exchanges can be found Here

What is offline mining?

In traditional mining, a miner must connect his equipment to the internet to interact with the blockchain network and validate transactions. However, Canxium’s offline mining takes a different approach. In simple terms, Canxiums’s offline mining enables miners to mine CAU without needing a continuous internet connection. With offline mining, miners don’t need to rely on centralized mining pools and internet connections. You can mine CAU from any place in the world with just your mining devices. More Info.

What is the maximum supply of CAU?

Canxium has no maximum supply. There is no limit set for the max supply of CAU. It adopts a demand-driven approach, where the coin supply is determined by market demand. The production of CAU will increase by increasing demand and vice versa due to its unique block reward distribution mechanism. But the key point is that the cost to mine one CAU is high, so miners can only mine CAU as per market demand. So there is no total supply limit for CAU, it has only a circulating supply which increases as new coins are mined.

What is the circulating supply of CAU?

Circulating supply means the total number of coins that are available on the blockchain. The circulating supply can be found on our Explorer. CAU will reach the circulating supply of 1,051,200 CAU at the Hydro fork. The rate of increment in circulating supply is high for the first year till the hydro fork to ensure enough supply of CAU in the ecosystem. The supply will increase without taking demand into account till Hydro Fork. After the Hydro fork, the rate may increase or decrease depending on the demand, and supply will increase as per demand.

What is Hydro Fork?

The Hydro Fork will occur at block 4,204,800. After Hydro Fork, Canxium will change its fixed block reward to a variable block reward which will be directly proportional to demand.